Thursday, October 13, 2005

Radio Comes of Age

Web, TV, Text Messaging, Email, Now Radio, too!

It seems there isn't any place to go any more where you can't learn more about diabetes, what progress is being made toward better management and the cure and tips for better self-care.

Diabetes Compass Radio is a new radio show with playback on the web that you should check out. Based in close proximity to the great work known as the Edmonton protocol and hailing from the birthplace of insulin therapy, Diabetes Compass has great access to some real movers and shakers in the field.

Dianne Lehman is the driving force behind Diabetes Compass Radio. She's working hard to make sure that all of the hottest new innovations in diabetes care are made available to the people of Alberta and Canada in general. With our recent launch of service in Canada, it's nice to have friends like Dianne.

Check out her site and show and let me know what you think.