Thursday, February 02, 2006

I Dream of GeNI™

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Goes Small!

You can imagine how excited I must be along with all of you with the recent progress in the field of continuous glucose monitoring. It appears that DexCom is coming along nicely, patients are getting some real-world experience with the Guardian RT and we are far enough along in our own program to announce a collaboration with Zyvex, THE leader in commercializing nanotechnology. Let me say that again. The leader in commercializing nanotechnology! That means that for them, as well as for Diabetech, we're not satisfied until the technology we're working on makes it into the market and delivers real benefits to real people.

This is not a research collaboration. It's purely about making a system that works and taking it to market. That's why I hope you're as excited as me with this announcement. Now before we fall prey to hype-mode blogging, I must say that this project will take at least 2 years to make it to human trials and there are of course many challenges to overcome. Regardless, we'll expand our net to cover a broad audience of committed problem solvers and leverage everything we can to make a user friendly system making it possible to aggressively and safely control glucose levels.