Thursday, September 22, 2005

Why Real-Time?

Get The Data - Step 1 of the Virtual-Loop

Many, many clinicians I've met along the way who are first introduced to the concepts involved in Diabetech's Virtual-Loop look me squarely in the eye and say they don't have any need for a real-time system. Fortunately, I've learned not to argue and convince.

For the clinician with an open mind however, it's a very simple problem we're working to solve. That problem is this: When do you need to have diabetes patient data? Every Friday afternoon at 3pm? No. You don't know when you need it until you know you need it - it's unpredictable.

So, a real-time clinical information system is really about a method of constantly collecting patient data in advance of actually needing it. That way, when you need it, the clinician can actually use it to make better decisions ;)