Monday, August 08, 2005

Grassroots Fundraising

operation cure the kids

Along with a few of my friends in the world of diabetes, we're introducing a program to encourage companies to pander to the diabetes community. Operation cure the kids is in its infancy and is already attracting interest from diabetes and non-diabetes related companies alike.

If you read my blog you get the scoop so stay tuned as we finalize the program and secure additional program participants. Companies will register with the OCK committee and secure a license to the logo. This logo makes it easy for us as consumers to change our buying habits in support of companies who donate to the diabetes cause. The companies who register with OCK must clearly and responsibly report their actual donations. Bottom line, if you see this logo, the company selling the product has committed a portion of the proceeds to a qualifying not-for-profit diabetes related organization...and you can verify it! If you know a company that would like to participate in the program or a non-profit organization that would like to be considered as a recipient of these funds please let them know that they can get more information by contacting me at

More soon.